I did something ridiculous today. I wrote a note to a stranger. I signed my name of course, but just my first. Chances are he and I will never cross paths again. But it was one of those moments, a moment where there were no rules and no plan, just something that resembled a cheesy movie scene (the scenes I love so much). Recalling the whole story is more than I wanna do here, so here’s the short version: I was at a coffee shop, an attractive man sat near me, after asking very politely if it was okay to do so, then once the place became less crowded, he announced that he was going to go sit on the other side of the place and thanked me for letting him sit by me, someone else took his seat later, this other guy tried to talk to me a couple times, but I just didn’t want to talk to him, he was the sort of person who talks to everyone, I’m not that sort of person. I jotted down a short note to the guy who had moved seats. I can’t recall it word for word, but it went something like “The guy who sat in your vacated seat has tried to talk to me twice. I’m not the sort of person who talks to strangers in coffee shops. But I wanted to talk to you. You seem to be magnetic to me. That’s rare. But alas, I am on my way somewhere else. But if our paths every cross again, my name is —-. Have a nice day.” As I left the coffee shop, I set it on his table near his coffee mug and said “It’s not my number, I promise.” And he said something like “Oh okay, have a nice day”. And I left, smiling as I walked to my next destination, realizing how ridiculous what I had just done really was. Sometime life requires that we be outrageous. In moments like this I realize I am so strange, but beautiful in my own way. I am the girl who once acted out a scene from the Notebook with a gorgeous young man in a city that was too big for us, in a world that would watch us fail. I am the girl who used to believe that grand gestures were the only proof that true love exists. I am the girl who learned that the grandest gesture would also be the one that would rip my heart out. I am the woman who was once that girl. I am the woman who passed a ridiculous note to a stranger in a coffee shop. I am the woman who believes our lives should be a little bit outrageous sometimes.


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