Catch 22

You read me so well.
Even after all this time,
you know what my words mean.
I used to be your favorite book,
but now you only leaf thru my pages once in a while.
New chapters have been written
since the last time you read me cover to cover.

So, whenever you get the courage,
pull me off the shelf,
commit the new lines to memory
and say the old ones out loud,
the ones you still know by heart.

Let every verb and every vowel
linger on your tongue.
Taste every adjective and apostrophe
of my life.

If you turn to page nine thousand nine hundred and two,
you’ll see where I first loved you.
To me that’s more important
than what happened on page eleven thousand three hundred twenty something.

I’ve written you into every chapter.
The R colored ink in my pen never runs out.


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