Art School Drop-Outs

Sometimes things change colors when they get old.
What if our souls change colors as we grow?
Born pale and almost translucent.
Hues that become more vibrant,
with each ounce of love we feel.
Darkening slightly,
with each new sorrow.

We all search for a balance of these shades.
Not too much light,
or else we haven’t felt enough.
Not too much dark,
or else we haven’t known beauty.
Not too bright
and not too dim.

What about my soul?
I hope it’s varied in colors.
Rich purple – like royalty and regalty.
Deep red – like blood and passionate kisses.
Good Day Sunshine yellow.
The palest of pinks because I’ve so much left.
Blue like a country sky
and blue like a city sky too.
Green of pine trees and of seaweed.

And a million others,
but these colors
do not exist separately.
They all blend together,
like the rays of light
that we can’t even see with these human eyes.
Every single color, you and I.


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