Across the Universe

I thought about letting you go today,
but then I saw you just being you.
I don’t think I can ever get over you
as long as I can still see him in you.

The sixteen year old boy
who lent me his towel
after I had the crazy idea
to go swimming in the middle of the night.

It’s as if God is whispering,
“Don’t give up on him yet;
he still loves you, even if he can’t
say the words out loud.
Actions speak louder than words.”

The seventeen year old boy
who knew he wanted to spend his life with me.
The boy who became a father at nineteen
because he couldn’t bare the thought
of another man ever getting the chance.

Now he’s twenty four
and a better man
than he knew he could be,
but I think I knew it all along.

He shows he cares
without knowing he’s doing it,
gives himself away.

So I’ll keep holding on
because tonight you said “I love you”
but the words came out differently:
“Here’s some goat food.”
I love you too.


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