The Space to Write (Everyday Inspiration, Day 6)

I usually end up posting to here from the far left of my parents’ ’90s floral print couch that came from a yard sale 2 years ago for 10 bucks. But sometimes from the Starbucks a block away from school. And sometimes from my bed, if it’s after midnight usually.

But where do I write? I write everywhere, I am always “writing” in my heart and in my head, I physically scribble down thoughts whenever I get the chance no matter where I am. I spend a lot of time on the bus, so a lot has been written on buses and at bus stops. I write in class when I’m not paying attention to the instructor. I’ve even written poems in church, not because the pastor wasn’t doing a good job, but because he WAS doing a fantastic job and it inspired words in me. I like coffee, so I spend time in coffee shops, so I do end up writing in coffee shops. Occasionally my poems are inspired by my surroundings, like this one that I wrote about six months ago while sitting in Starbucks, called Poetry is like Breathing.

If I had a dedicated writing space, it would be a comfy chair surrounded by bookshelves packed full of books and a stack of comfy blankets and pillows within arms reach. I’d also have a coffee maker in the room and a fridge stocked with French vanilla creamer and string cheese.


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