Writing and Not Writing (Everyday Inspiration, Day 9)

If I could step into a machine that gave me more time, how would I structure my day? What would I write with this extra time?

I would set aside more time to organize my personal space, in order to create a space for art and writing. Once I had an organized space, I don’t think I’d need the extra time because I would better use my normal 24 hours and not have to look for things or worry about things being in the way. This is a tough one to write about because honestly I think there is plenty of time already and I just waste too much of it and then complain about the things that I didn’t accomplish.

Today task had two parts, the second part was to reach out to someone in order to do a collaboration to be posted later in this series. I have yet to reach out, but I do have someone in mind who I want to ask. So sometime in the next two weeks I’ll be mixing it up here and featuring a guest blogger. I think it’ll be interesting.


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