Highlighting Myself (Everyday Inspiration, Day 19)

I am nearly thru with the Blogging U course “Writing: Finding Everyday Inspiration“, this will be the second to last post. The task for this day was supposed to be a collaboration post and I was thinking of one, had it in mind of how I was gonna do it, but it didn’t work out the way I wanted it too. An alternate task was to do a roundup and one of the ideas was to do it of your (my) best posts from the course, not sure if they were suggesting best as in which ones your (my) readers reacted to the most or best as in which you (I) liked best of your (my) own posts, but I’m gonna go ahead and do it of the ones that I liked best of my own. Click on the titles of the post to read each featured post.

  • To start off, I’m gonna say the one from Day 18, Prizes of Divorce, was very interesting to write, the task was called “A Series of Anecdotes” and I honestly had a hard time at first think of a theme for a collection of anecdotes, but then I was reflecting on how I have actual relationships with my siblings now and that the catalyst for the development of those relationships was my separation from my husband. In writing the post, I furthered my healing process. I still want my husband back and absolutely believe that him and I could be a great couple again, but I did not get the short end of the stick in this situation. My life continued on after the separation and has gone in really amazing directions and I have gained so much.
  • Day 10 was probably the most fun process-wise. The task was “Let the Scene Write Itself” and in response I wrote the post Let the Scene Write Its Self, I guess when I scribbled it down it made more sense to change “itself” to “its self”, not sure why my brain did it. I jotted notes down of what I saw at Starbucks, 20 minutes worth, and then I decided my notes read well enough to be the meat of the post without a rewrite.
  • The task for Day 8, Reinvent the Letter Format, turned into a bit of a therapy session for me. For my post, Letter, I wrote a letter to depression as if it were a person. It helped me work out some things I was going thru that day/week.
  • The task that really stretched me as a writer was Day 4’s “A Story in a Single Image.” I picked an image of a man in a church and wrote a thousand words, give or take. I sat down and told myself I was going to write a one thousand word story in one continuous session, without getting off-track. So I started typing and keeping an ey on the word count in the bottom right corner of my screen, keeping in mind that I had to have at least a partial resolution to the story by the time I hit 1,000. I wrapped it up at one thousand and five words, scanned thru to edit errors, and hit publish. At the time I did not intend to continue the story, but…
  • A later challenge, Day 13’s Play with Word Count, gave me the idea to write another part to the story, again as close to 1,000 words as I could, the result was a post called words 1006 thru 2008.
  • In the first task, I Write Because…, I explored my reasons for writing, I write because…. I value this post and have already reread it at times when I was doubting myself.

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