wtf just happened?

i’m reelin’ right now. i am questioning my own ears. i think R just told me that him and his girlfriend broke up, only he didn’t say those words exactly. he said several other sentences that suggest that he is no longer with her. saying out right “we broke up” isn’t something he would do, not with me at least. we get along great, but we’re not close, so i kind of figured i would be the last to know about something like this. i’m trying not let my imagination run away with me, but my imagination’s always got her running shoes on. i know that i gotta just sit around and wait for him to tell me or not tell me, but i’m going crazy here. if they broke up it changes everything and it changes nothing, simplifies yet complicates. i’m probably gonna see him Monday, so maybe he’ll tell me then, but maybe he won’t, maybe he thinks he said enough on the phone tonight and i’m smart enough to put the pieces together. idk, my brain might explode if i think about this anymore, so imma just try to focus on other things.


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