Painfully aware
of the shape of my own face,
as I squinted to avoid
the heat of the sun
and I thought I could see
better beyond the curve,
just as I thought the wall
would protect me from the wind
blowing in the wrong direction.
Maybe there’s a metaphor here,
if you find it
you’re more poetic than I
because I was only being literal.


thru my lense: Street


i’ve arrived here and
i’ve departed from here
i’d say countless times, but
“countless times” is actually an impossible phrase

a few of the initials
have intersected my life here
crushes and friends
some drift soon away, some stay awhile

nearly two years
i’ve traveled here
usually on my way somewhere else
but sometimes i’ve lingered here


Just got a thumbs up and a smile
from a stranger in a car.
Singing at the bus stop again,
maybe he’s seen me before.

I’ve become a fixture
on this street on this day.
I can make them smile
as they drive on in their routine.

So many people with their windows up.
I wonder if they hear me
thru the glass and tint.
Most don’t even look my way.

Some have problems too big,
lives too important,
to notice a crazy girl
singing her heart out waiting on a bus.


I sing at bus stops.
A stranger says “I love your energy.”
Best compliment ever.
Couldn’t say “I love your singing,”
’cause honestly I sing awfully.
I know this,
but still I find myself at the top of my lungs.

I sing in public bathrooms.
People hear the echo from outside.
They stare a little as I walk out.
Doesn’t matter though;
I’m on top of the world,
lost in my headphones.
Can’t rain on my parade
’cause I won’t hear any negative word they say.

I sing in school hallways.
Do my peers judge me?
Who cares?
‘Cause I know I sure don’t.
They’re studying for an exam,
as I’m sitting here writing this poem.