thru my lense: Home


i feel at home in these shoes
mostly because i can’t be in his arms
i was wearing red Vans
the first time i fell in LOVE

the first home that mattered
was the one i found
inside his arms
and after that, in his car

a Volvo, 1987 244
it started out grey
but he painted it black
and then he took it apart

couldn’t figure out
how to put it back together
just a few days after he left me
he sent the car to the junkyard

both of us he swore
he’d never leave
i hope and pray he can keep
our promise to our babies

there is a roof over my head
a beautiful ceiling of wood beams
a solid foundation underfoot
and yet i am homeless


Rode in a Mustang,
first time, twenty twelve.
You say 85 a year
isn’t rich.
I hardly felt poor
the year we had 16.
You wouldn’t want to
walk a mile in my shoes
’cause they only cost seven bucks.
But if I walked a mile in yours
I’d sell every pair you own
to feed my family
filet mignon every night.
But then again
I don’t really want that.
Not only do we survive
on the little we do have,
but we thrive and live
and we love.