seven fifteen

first thing this AM
my phone starts talking
“message from C”
my heart jumped
how do guys do this?

crazy girl texts you
rambles on
you probably think she’s weird
and then you text her
“well if you ever need to talk
just hit me up”

maybe guys only do it to me
i don’t know
but he basically conveyed
this message
“even though you’re crazy,
we’re friends”

i’ll try not to text him again
but this is a small town
and if i run into him
what will he say?
like most he won’t hold
my crazy against me

even though H swears i’m jaded
i know i’m not
i’d risk almost everything for C
if only i had the courage
and only in a world
where R does not exist

*In response to Connected.

Only Humans

If God planned it all,
then this is part of the plan too.

That means God knew
we’d have these methods of communication
and how easy it would be
for someone to prevent
two people from having an exchange
of innocent words
whose purpose
was nothing more than co-parenting.

Could someone really be that insecure
that they’d prevent a mom
from checking on her sons
because they’re worried
they could lose a lover
the same way they got one?

Only God knows.