the worst part of alone

i wish we could have real conversations
maybe about the constellations
i’m sure my poetry isn’t poetry at all
but i’d let you see thru my wall

i’m not much for rhyming
and i’ve got the worst timing
and did i mention i’m a liar
who’s afraid of fire?

Little Lights

I had a beautiful dream last night,
or at least it started out that way.
You showed up at my house;
I don’t know why, but you stayed.
We laid in the driveway
and talked while we watched the sky.
There were more stars than I knew existed.
And as the universe grew bigger,
the space between us grew smaller.
Almost innocent, yet oh so intimate.
We talked for hours,
until I told you to go home.
The responsible thing to do
because I couldn’t let you do that to her.
But then there was chaos.
I don’t know if you ever made it home;
couldn’t find you
and woke up distressed.
Visit me again while I sleep
and we can pick up where we left off.