thru my lense: Treasure


a gift from my mom
on the day i was baptized
in a lake on a mountain

21 years old and celebrating
my second birthday, without knowing
there was another life in me

three weeks pregnant
and i didn’t suspect it yet,
two bodies baptized that day

years later, on a day that broke
my heart, i found it on the floor
how it got there, i don’t know


thru my lense: Big


but it doesn’t feel like it
on the inside,
instead it’s fairly cozy

like a large living room
and we’re all family
even though i’m newly adopted

and the pastor feels like a brother;
he’s about the same age
as one of my real brothers

we sing songs too loud
and i wanna dance
and twirl in my floor length skirt

Jesus is big ’round here
even though our church feels small
and the cross is just about life-size