north hall lobby

my entire life is a poem
and i’m sure i’ve written
this one at least once before
but i don’t know the rules

i learned them once
in a class at a college
that i couldn’t afford
where i met him

just days before i swore
i’d never fall in love
a boyfriend would ruin me
it almost turned out to be true

he stayed up late
five or six days in a row
just to spend time with me
i was doing exactly the same

we sat in a closet
based on a lie i told
because i wanted to be interesting
built so much on that lie

that night we decided
to jump off a cliff
hand in hand
and start something new

it was dangerous
from the very first moment
i saw him
barefoot and innocent

*In response to Chaos.


She’s made you overly cautious.
What happened to the boy who was reckless?
Has he become a man afraid?
Does she remind you how dangerous
it’s always been to love me?

Life isn’t as dangerous as she thinks.
We all fall and get back up again.
Knees get skinned and eyes blackened.
Life always leads to death,
but refusing to breathe dirty air
by holding your breath gets you there quicker.

In matters of the heart,
sometimes the most dangerous choice
is the safest choice.
Take your chances,
don’t wait for someone to give them to you.
If we never climb,
how do we get there?