a picture i didn’t take

Why do we put lampshades
over light bulbs
and wear dark shades
to buffer the sunlight?
Because we as humans
have an aversion to light,
maybe we’re vampires
when in our most natural,
most base state.
Almost too afraid
to feel warmth on our skin
from something other than
other skin pressed up against
us, pressed up against a wall,
too afraid to move.
Too afraid to look
at anything other than darkness,
too afraid to be anything
other than darkness.


two days’ manual labor…


And I’ve still got a ton of work to do. But it’s a start and it’s way better than the haphazard stacks of books that were scattered all over the room. I used to think that owning interesting books would make me an interesting person, it hasn’t really. I used to think reading interesting books would make me an interesting person, it has to some degree, but not as much as I thought it would. But I’ve discovered during the past 2+ years that I am intensely interesting to some and intensely boring to others. I find myself fascinating, so I guess that’s what really counts. Think I’ll get another set of shelves to stack on these because I’ve still got some books that won’t be able to call this set home, maybe invert the colors for the top set.