a picture i didn’t take

Why do we put lampshades
over light bulbs
and wear dark shades
to buffer the sunlight?
Because we as humans
have an aversion to light,
maybe we’re vampires
when in our most natural,
most base state.
Almost too afraid
to feel warmth on our skin
from something other than
other skin pressed up against
us, pressed up against a wall,
too afraid to move.
Too afraid to look
at anything other than darkness,
too afraid to be anything
other than darkness.

a volvo, your arms, my heart, your heart

maybe we’re always the same
as we’ve ever been
we never change
who we are inside

that girl you love
should this be past tense?
because she’s always present

that girl you love
she’s still here
but she was afraid
of the dark

she kicks the dark’s ass
she tells despair to leave
but she’ll sit with sad

sad and her
will share a cup of caffeine
because he has lessons
she can learn

he leaves eventually
but only after he’s been embraced
and allowed to voice his opinion
loudly at first but softer later

sad does not dim her light
but he teaches her to shine
brighter than a new match
growing into an un-tamable flame

she becomes what she fears
not in every way
just in some

a slight change of form
change of pace
the directions we go
always lead us home

*In response to Shadow.