thru my lense: A Pop of Color


this one used to be my favorite
but i don’t think it is anymore
maybe purple is now

and the clutter in the background,
it’s always been there-
threatening my life

during the last two years
i’ve been removing it bit by bit,
but a lot isn’t mine to discard

and this thread, i used it
to mend a skirt and add a heart
and to stitch the tears in shoes


thru my lense: Treasure


a gift from my mom
on the day i was baptized
in a lake on a mountain

21 years old and celebrating
my second birthday, without knowing
there was another life in me

three weeks pregnant
and i didn’t suspect it yet,
two bodies baptized that day

years later, on a day that broke
my heart, i found it on the floor
how it got there, i don’t know


thru my lense: Big


but it doesn’t feel like it
on the inside,
instead it’s fairly cozy

like a large living room
and we’re all family
even though i’m newly adopted

and the pastor feels like a brother;
he’s about the same age
as one of my real brothers

we sing songs too loud
and i wanna dance
and twirl in my floor length skirt

Jesus is big ’round here
even though our church feels small
and the cross is just about life-size


thru my lense: Solitude


hilltop house and H,
it was only lonely
from a distance

up there i was anything
but alone
i was Miss California

and H, the judge and jury
i won,
but world peace wasn’t found

and the wind was wing-man
and i beautiful
and H innocent

even when i took my clothes off
in a lower level room
where someone else left theirs

lines from our lives were told
and still i covered certain lines
then we ran from the police

but maybe that last line
was only in my head.
what would have happened?

with many more minutes
with H’s hilltop house
with wind’s billowing breath

and life isn’t
always always about alliteration
(yes, i meant to type it twice)


*Note: I totally failed as far as the photography aspect of this, but the day was absolutely amazing and I wanted to write about it. I took this picture right after I got off the bus today; I told myself I would take a better one on the hike up, I forgot; I told myself I would take a better one at the top, I forgot; I told myself I would take a better one on the hike down, I forgot. I was too busy enjoying an amazing day with an amazing person to focus on taking an amazing photograph. But H did take a couple up top, so we do have photographic evidence of the day. It happened.


thru my lense: Bliss


Poems, beats, caffeine.

mid-morning, midday, or midnight
a warm hug of words
a fire lit in my heart
smooth liquid to fill my belly

my belly that still squishes a little
two babies and not enough sit-ups
too busy cleaning up spit-up
but i like it like that, soft

a book full of words
written by old dead guys
probably a few chicks too
mostly words i’ve never heard

songs i can’t help but sing
dancing on the couch
in the middle of the night
while everyone else sleeps


thru my lense: Water


“water You turned into wine,
You opened the eyes of the blind”
the Church has perverted communion
a stale cracker dipped in grape juice

don’t get me wrong
i love the idea of the Lord’s supper
but wouldn’t it be better
if we actually communed?

why don’t we have a real supper?
a glass of wine, sure
and a slice of bread
but some pasta and a green salad too

cups of water
and mac and cheese
fresh fruit and Ritz crackers
for the picky kiddos


thru my lense: Street


i’ve arrived here and
i’ve departed from here
i’d say countless times, but
“countless times” is actually an impossible phrase

a few of the initials
have intersected my life here
crushes and friends
some drift soon away, some stay awhile

nearly two years
i’ve traveled here
usually on my way somewhere else
but sometimes i’ve lingered here