Just got a thumbs up and a smile
from a stranger in a car.
Singing at the bus stop again,
maybe he’s seen me before.

I’ve become a fixture
on this street on this day.
I can make them smile
as they drive on in their routine.

So many people with their windows up.
I wonder if they hear me
thru the glass and tint.
Most don’t even look my way.

Some have problems too big,
lives too important,
to notice a crazy girl
singing her heart out waiting on a bus.


I sing at bus stops.
A stranger says “I love your energy.”
Best compliment ever.
Couldn’t say “I love your singing,”
’cause honestly I sing awfully.
I know this,
but still I find myself at the top of my lungs.

I sing in public bathrooms.
People hear the echo from outside.
They stare a little as I walk out.
Doesn’t matter though;
I’m on top of the world,
lost in my headphones.
Can’t rain on my parade
’cause I won’t hear any negative word they say.

I sing in school hallways.
Do my peers judge me?
Who cares?
‘Cause I know I sure don’t.
They’re studying for an exam,
as I’m sitting here writing this poem.