Little Town

Little Town, how I dislike you.
Do you ever get tired of being so low?
I mean, look up at those glorious mountains
all around you, do you envy them?
I do. My true love sleeps
on one of those mountains.

Your fields are a thing of beauty though.
On the bus once, C pointed one out,
said he knows the guy who owns it
and he helped clean the place up once.
I’ve been told you are named for these gorgeous expanses.
Squares of green amidst all the brown.

Little Town, how I like you.
Not always, but sometimes.
Especially when I meet C at 6 something AM
and he tells me random facts
about this place I thought I knew so well.
He reminds me how alive you are.

Let me stay as long as I need to.
I don’t mean to hurt you
by wanting to leave,
but I feel like someone else
can offer me more of what I need.
But Little Town, for now it’s you and me.