Exploring Hope and Possibility (110318)

teach, i will

crochet, i will

mother, i will

love, i will

grow, i will

write, i will

live, i will


there is time

there is hope

there is possibility

there is me


hope, i will


Daily Prompt: Wonder/030918

Do you ever wonder what would have happened

if we could have made it work?

If we really had tried everything?

We gave up too soon, I know that.

And I still wonder if it will be me and you


I have hope.

And I’ll always carry that hope,

in my backpack full of bricks,

that I’ll save because they’re ours

to build on.

I’m strong enough to carry more,

more than these bricks and more than my hope;

tell me everything and I’ll carry your tears

next to your joy.

I hope you wonder about me,

I hope you carry hope.


In reponse to


Blind Following Blind Off a Cliff

You don’t sing in church anymore,
that makes me a little sad.
And I wish you could hear me sing
in the kitchen at midnight
when you’re not home.
You say a soft, “Hi,”
and I wonder why
your arms haven’t been around
more often.
My rib cage and soft belly
ache for your arms.
Your alarm goes off,
your alarm goes off,
your alarm goes off,
and I just wanna let you sleep.
The world can wait for you,
they won’t move on without you,
maybe the universe
stands still when you’re not there.
And maybe we all hold our breath
until you come back around.
The center,
something to revolve around,
but it shouldn’t be like that.
Where you lead
I might follow,
even into danger
and heartache.
Snap back to reality
knock you down a peg or two,
to keep myself alive
and safely down from the ledge.


in every breath
every second
every smile
its everywhere

i wrote a poem
in high school
it was in a book
no one understood

m has it
as a middle name
her initials
dont spell a word

its the air we breathe
the songs we sing
the love we make
it is the life we live

i think ive stolen
those four lines
from somewhere else
not sure where

the lost sunglasses
new cowboy boots
a plain gray shirt
your styles the same

but oh so different
is your heart
still the same
or has it changed

*In response to Hope.