Blind Following Blind Off a Cliff

You don’t sing in church anymore,
that makes me a little sad.
And I wish you could hear me sing
in the kitchen at midnight
when you’re not home.
You say a soft, “Hi,”
and I wonder why
your arms haven’t been around
more often.
My rib cage and soft belly
ache for your arms.
Your alarm goes off,
your alarm goes off,
your alarm goes off,
and I just wanna let you sleep.
The world can wait for you,
they won’t move on without you,
maybe the universe
stands still when you’re not there.
And maybe we all hold our breath
until you come back around.
The center,
something to revolve around,
but it shouldn’t be like that.
Where you lead
I might follow,
even into danger
and heartache.
Snap back to reality
knock you down a peg or two,
to keep myself alive
and safely down from the ledge.


I’d ask about the Death Mark,
then every other tattoo
you’ve gotten since the last time
I saw you naked.
And I’d want to hear all the stories
even the ones from before.
I’d tell you about
the tattoos I want to get
and about the birthday mark
on my left leg that I didn’t know
I had because I have never been
as tan as I got this summer
and I’d remind you of a scar
on the same leg, perhaps you’ve forgotten.
We could talk about
the scars I haven’t gotten
and any of yours
that are new.
Finally, I’d stop undressing
you with my eyes and
begin undressing you
with my hands.
We’d stop just short
of going all the way
because that’s how I want
it to be.

Your Hands

I remember when you put your hands
all over me and we almost got kicked out.

Do you remember when you put your hands
on my waist while you leaned against the 4Runner?

Or remember when you put your hands
everywhere for the first time and we made love?

Please remember when you put your hands
in mine because you loved me.

Know you can put your hands
anywhere you like and I won’t pull away.

*Note: I’m not feeling this one either, it just doesn’t flow right, but I am determined to push through this intro to poetry thing. I’m honestly a little burnt out on writing and on my blog in general. I think I might take a break soon, to kind of refocus myself on what’s important and let what’s not fall by the wayside.