struggling faith

lost and distant

please find me, Jesus

i’m searching

for You


where are you?

i know

this won’t last

“joy in the morning”

and all that

but still,


i’m reaching

just a lost sheep

little black sheep

with mud

on her face


i’ve been

here before

and found

my way again

following Your light


i know

You never give up

on those You call


like me


look for me


i remember:

i am


the Redeemer

We are God’s poem…
I found myself in Church this AM.
The pastor wore plaid.

I’m looking Jesus
straight in the eyes.
God wrote me long ago.

He knows everything
I lose and find.
He knows the end is perfect.

My heart transplant
began years ago,
but I’ve got years to go…

Until He stitches me closed.
And gives me perfect sight
and perfect love to give.

More Fire

What would Jesus do?
I don’t ask myself often enough,
but I did today.
A young man, anxious,
just wanted to smoke a cigarette.
I told him I had no lighter.
“I don’t smoke.”
“That’s good,” he said.
He said his friend
was trying to buy one now.
His friend’s card got declined.
I let him use my phone
to check his balance – $0.

What would Jesus do?
He’d give these guys a couple bucks
to buy a lighter to smoke that cigarette.
I open my wallet
buy I hesitate.
They never asked me for a cent,
just wished me a good day
and left without anything
to spark a flame.