a picture i didn’t take

Why do we put lampshades
over light bulbs
and wear dark shades
to buffer the sunlight?
Because we as humans
have an aversion to light,
maybe we’re vampires
when in our most natural,
most base state.
Almost too afraid
to feel warmth on our skin
from something other than
other skin pressed up against
us, pressed up against a wall,
too afraid to move.
Too afraid to look
at anything other than darkness,
too afraid to be anything
other than darkness.

More Fire

What would Jesus do?
I don’t ask myself often enough,
but I did today.
A young man, anxious,
just wanted to smoke a cigarette.
I told him I had no lighter.
“I don’t smoke.”
“That’s good,” he said.
He said his friend
was trying to buy one now.
His friend’s card got declined.
I let him use my phone
to check his balance – $0.

What would Jesus do?
He’d give these guys a couple bucks
to buy a lighter to smoke that cigarette.
I open my wallet
buy I hesitate.
They never asked me for a cent,
just wished me a good day
and left without anything
to spark a flame.