A Portrait of Walter

Walter is married. I like that.
I also like his hair, almost entirely white, but boyish in the way it sweeps to the right and lays flat (ish) against his head. And his eyebrows, bushy almost beyond belief. Walter works. Works hard, I imagine. His blue jacket adds to the illusion of youth, but the lines of his face betray him. Asian and wise. Maybe his family descends from royalty and here he is working on this damn mountain. Looking a little tired and a little lonely, as he rides this bumpy bus home from work. Saturday afternoons should be for Walters.

crush for a day

he used my underage joke
and he was quiet
and he laughed
sometimes at the “wrong” time
he was a good sport
and wore the pirate shirt
even though his friend wouldn’t
only person i’ve ever met
with his name
i’ll never see him again
so he’ll forever be
just a crush of this day

daisy chain and hairpins

some say the drive takes an hour
but i know you can make it
in just thirty minutes
because you did it
at 1 something in the morning
i was yelling from the bathroom
telling it you it was time to go
you memorized every hairpin turn
and knew just how fast
to take them and still be safe
but today i head up the mountain
because i finally got invited
to hang with the siblings
and i wonder how long it will take
for us to reach
our destination

In response to Reach.

we lived

this one seems like
it should be easy
considering how much
life we lived there

the snow the sun
the lake the hairpin turns
occasionally a hike
not often enough

i tried to drive home
one time at 3 or 2 AM
you had worked too many hours
i missed you too many hours

that stupid apartment
it was helping me kill myself
i didn’t want this to turn sad
a million happy memories there too

like the one where i found
wildflowers in a root beer bottle
on that little red table
left by a husband who loved a wife

or when i busted my knee open
in our volvo wagon
while we were having sex
in the driver’s seat

how bout when i accepted Jesus
on the way home i told you
you were overwhelmed with emotion
so was i, i think we both cried

and when we took Christmas photos
the year i was pregnant with J
we laughed so hard
you still loved me a lot then

*In response to Mountain