wish my phone had a memory…

so it could recall your number
but i could never call your number
maybe stay up just to send you a text at 1 AM
because you never seem to be around when i am

Longing to be Touched

I love
I hate you.
First thing
in the morning, you’re calling
my name.
Before bed
you beg for a little more
I wonder if
you’re sad I don’t touch you
Do you get jealous of my Hydro?
Because I stroke him
to make him sing.
Or is the main subject
of your jealousy Qwerty and his pals?
Because they get to translate
my pen scratches into
Times New Roman
or whatever font this is.

*Note: The technique for this assignment was enjambment, which is a term I did not know, but I actually use it all the time, I kind of just do it without thinking and didn’t even know it was that big of a deal.