Shelfie and Reads #1 – January 2019

So I used to post book reviews on here a couple years back, but I decided that I did not love doing book reviews so I stopped. I do however like taking pictures of books all lined up in a pretty little row, AKA the shelfie. I think at the beginning of each month I’m going to share a photo of what my to-be-read bookshelf looked like at the beginning of the previous month, along with cover shots of any books I finished that month or at least made serious headway in. I might write a little about the books or I might not, but I will definitely be posting at least one traditional book review on my blog in the next few months because I just won an advanced reader copy of a book that I am so excited about, which will hopefully translate into being excited about writing the review for it once I’ve read it. Stay tuned for more bookish delightfulness.

voice (themes)

what is different about my story? what does my voice sound like? what are the recurring elements in my story? how are these things my own?


J and T
moving forward
feeling alive
favorite songs
places i’ve been
buses and bus stops


they do not manifest the same in another’s life as they do in mine. no one feels the same as i do. my experiences are uniquely my own. even if you were there, it was not the same for you as it was for me. maybe your heart broke, but your heart is not mine, so how could they ever have broken in the same fashion? your eyes may have seen it all, but they are not my eyes, so they have not seen what i have seen. your fingers have traced skin, but they don’t feel the way mine do. the books i’ve read sit on your shelf, but i did not read those that your fingers thumbed thru. your lips have kissed, but we’ve never known the same kiss, the same moment. you have caused pain, but it was not mine to feel. i have written words that weren’t yours to read, but i gave them away. i no longer notice some whose voices aren’t important to me, yet others i read their every word and wish i knew what to say. so, i’ll sit here and try to find my voice.