Shelfie and Reads #1 – January 2019

So I used to post book reviews on here a couple years back, but I decided that I did not love doing book reviews so I stopped. I do however like taking pictures of books all lined up in a pretty little row, AKA the shelfie. I think at the beginning of each month I’m going to share a photo of what my to-be-read bookshelf looked like at the beginning of the previous month, along with cover shots of any books I finished that month or at least made serious headway in. I might write a little about the books or I might not, but I will definitely be posting at least one traditional book review on my blog in the next few months because I just won an advanced reader copy of a book that I am so excited about, which will hopefully translate into being excited about writing the review for it once I’ve read it. Stay tuned for more bookish delightfulness.


What do you read? they ask.
Lots of things, I say.

About butterflies and suicide,
wizards and tigers and shipwrecks.

About Unfortunate Events
and foreign lands.

About traveling and eating,
loving God and letting go.

About romance and second chances
and third and fourth chances, too.

Of course, hobbits and elves,
Saints and Sinners and gun fights.

Of how to teach
and how society functions.

Of stories and memories,
heartbreaks and losses.

Of Mice and Men…
Anything, I read it all.