to AM:

i wanted to write you somethin’
to explain
the more i tried
the more the words never came

maybe some words are better
left unsaid
maybe i’ve said it all
with the words you’ve already read

too long i’ve only seen
this or that
nothing in between
now the middle is where i’m at

i’ll be around
if ever you want to find me
i’ve got no where to hide
but if not, don’t mind me


i was lost there once
begging to not exist
stayed there for months
looking for an exit

honestly, it was more than once
that i lived there
more than months
more like ten years

i hate that my adolescence
was wasted wanting to die
back then i had no sense
that’s when i started to lie

now when the dark
tries to swallow me
i look at every mark
and my heart won’t allow me

*In response to Darkness.