Shelter and Safety

We were built to self-destruct.
I think we both always knew that.
Would I change anything?
No; it all happened exactly as it was meant to.
You showed me how to love.
You were always my mirror,
showing me who I am.
But I refused to look.
How could I believe you?
You said I was beautiful,
you said I was smart.
You said I would be a great mother.
You said maybe I care too much,
but the only person I can hurt with that is myself.
You’re reluctance to give me away,
that should have made me see my worth.
You were my cocoon
and one day you had to release me.
I saw that I was a butterfly;
I had to fly away.
Now I’m learning to spread my wings.
I see myself as you’ve always seen me.
Thank you.