thru my lense: Solitude


hilltop house and H,
it was only lonely
from a distance

up there i was anything
but alone
i was Miss California

and H, the judge and jury
i won,
but world peace wasn’t found

and the wind was wing-man
and i beautiful
and H innocent

even when i took my clothes off
in a lower level room
where someone else left theirs

lines from our lives were told
and still i covered certain lines
then we ran from the police

but maybe that last line
was only in my head.
what would have happened?

with many more minutes
with H’s hilltop house
with wind’s billowing breath

and life isn’t
always always about alliteration
(yes, i meant to type it twice)


*Note: I totally failed as far as the photography aspect of this, but the day was absolutely amazing and I wanted to write about it. I took this picture right after I got off the bus today; I told myself I would take a better one on the hike up, I forgot; I told myself I would take a better one at the top, I forgot; I told myself I would take a better one on the hike down, I forgot. I was too busy enjoying an amazing day with an amazing person to focus on taking an amazing photograph. But H did take a couple up top, so we do have photographic evidence of the day. It happened.

prompt me prod me

sometimes i feel like im doing this alone
but then i remember youre still next to me
even though youre twenty five miles away
where youll lay in bed with someone who isnt me

i wonder if you ever miss me
as intensely as i miss you
or if i never cross your mind that way
never give a single thought to me

where are you right now
and what are you thinking
remember when we always used to ask
each other that because we really cared

where is my punctuation and capitalization
and why cant purposes be intensive
its why you can love two
but never be in love with two

*In response to Solitude.