I’m Belle and you’re Aladdin,
but ethnically speaking
I’m more like Elsa
or maybe even Rapunzel,
and you’re that guy Mulan
hooked up with,
whatever his name was.

But do you really
wanna marry
a Chinese Joan of Arc?

Back to the beginning…
You were a homeless
and I was a homely
book-nerd who got lost
in a forest.

We could rewrite
the story;
I’ve got the words
and you’ve got the eyes…

I’ll let you
dot my “i”s.

nearly eight years later

we started as strangers
became fast friends
and lovers faster than we should have
then somehow husband and wife
then parents
then strangers again

strangers who still slept
next to each other
who still loved
without really knowing how
and then we became
something worse

next it was lovers again
but only briefly
then strangers
then exes
then something confusing
without a name

then something like friends
but quickly back to strangers
and still co-parents
the only part
we’ve kept relatively steady
then we began to build

i’d say we’re friends now
but sometimes slightly more
with danger always lurking
because our hearts
have never forgotten
what it feels like to be lovers

*In response to Transformation.