Suddenly (031018)

And suddenly I loved you.

I know I should have always,

I just didn’t though.

You loved me too soon

and I loved you too late.

If only we could have met in the middle.

And suddenly we are finding out what we mean

to each other.

I can’t hear the truth because it will break

my heart

my hope

my “us”.

I hold on too tight;

teach me to let go.

Still Time/122916

Eight months more
of this borrowed time.
Need to learn to
treat each day
as precious as it really is.
As New Year’s Eve approaches,
I remember your year
started September 1st
and I joined a little late,
but not too late.
You’ve given yourself this time
to find yourself,
but also you’ve given me time
to know you again.
And what if,
what if by some accident,
we’ve got time to know us?
We began in September
forever ago,
what if we began again
next September?
Then again,
did we ever really

daisy chain and hairpins

some say the drive takes an hour
but i know you can make it
in just thirty minutes
because you did it
at 1 something in the morning
i was yelling from the bathroom
telling it you it was time to go
you memorized every hairpin turn
and knew just how fast
to take them and still be safe
but today i head up the mountain
because i finally got invited
to hang with the siblings
and i wonder how long it will take
for us to reach
our destination

In response to Reach.

Writing and Not Writing (Everyday Inspiration, Day 9)

If I could step into a machine that gave me more time, how would I structure my day? What would I write with this extra time?

I would set aside more time to organize my personal space, in order to create a space for art and writing. Once I had an organized space, I don’t think I’d need the extra time because I would better use my normal 24 hours and not have to look for things or worry about things being in the way. This is a tough one to write about because honestly I think there is plenty of time already and I just waste too much of it and then complain about the things that I didn’t accomplish.

Today task had two parts, the second part was to reach out to someone in order to do a collaboration to be posted later in this series. I have yet to reach out, but I do have someone in mind who I want to ask. So sometime in the next two weeks I’ll be mixing it up here and featuring a guest blogger. I think it’ll be interesting.