we lived

this one seems like
it should be easy
considering how much
life we lived there

the snow the sun
the lake the hairpin turns
occasionally a hike
not often enough

i tried to drive home
one time at 3 or 2 AM
you had worked too many hours
i missed you too many hours

that stupid apartment
it was helping me kill myself
i didn’t want this to turn sad
a million happy memories there too

like the one where i found
wildflowers in a root beer bottle
on that little red table
left by a husband who loved a wife

or when i busted my knee open
in our volvo wagon
while we were having sex
in the driver’s seat

how bout when i accepted Jesus
on the way home i told you
you were overwhelmed with emotion
so was i, i think we both cried

and when we took Christmas photos
the year i was pregnant with J
we laughed so hard
you still loved me a lot then

*In response to Mountain