August 27th

i don’t count much in this category
but the “almost”s number up
there was the time i almost walked away
into nothingness
not caring if you ever found me
there was the time i almost gave it away
to someone i didn’t even love
not caring what might happen next
there was the time i almost quit school
not caring if i’m ever anything more
than helpless

eight years ago today though
i did not make a mistake
i did not make the biggest mistake of my life
eight years ago today tonight
i spent my first hours with you
i will always look back on that night
as the night everything changed

and six years later
everything changed again
and i can’t count that
as a mistake either
because that would mean
that i regret
and to regret would be to be

so here’s to non-mistakes
and to second chances
chances i’ve stolen and
chances you’ve given me

i pray for us nightly
and you shatter my hopes weekly
but it’s okay
i still love you

In response to Mistake.

Our First Day (Everyday Inspiration, Day 14)

I don’t remember the day,
only the night.
And even that isn’t clear,
just bits and pieces.

It was August twenty seventh,
two thousand eight.
My roommate was on the phone,
yours was sleeping with lights off.

You were barefoot,
wearing t-shirt and jeans
and fixing your guitar,
red electric, I think.

I had on cheap blue flip-flops
and Hello Kitty pajamas.
Was reading Catch-22
and talking of prostitution and warm bodies.

It was a Wednesday
and tomorrow my mom’s birthday.
There was Kyle
and he was reading Twilight.

I was eighteen,
you were sixteen.
I didn’t believe you,
think I asked to see your ID.

I had trouble pronouncing
your last name,
think you said most people do.
I told you about all my double letters.

There was Good Day Sunshine
and I thought you wrote it.
You looked at me funny,
you thought I was joking.

Kyle went to bed;
You and I stayed up.
It was my idea to go to the pool.
You thought to bring a towel, I didn’t.

I don’t remember everything,
like if we talked about stuff that mattered
or just stuff that didn’t.
Just remember the world spun.

north hall lobby

my entire life is a poem
and i’m sure i’ve written
this one at least once before
but i don’t know the rules

i learned them once
in a class at a college
that i couldn’t afford
where i met him

just days before i swore
i’d never fall in love
a boyfriend would ruin me
it almost turned out to be true

he stayed up late
five or six days in a row
just to spend time with me
i was doing exactly the same

we sat in a closet
based on a lie i told
because i wanted to be interesting
built so much on that lie

that night we decided
to jump off a cliff
hand in hand
and start something new

it was dangerous
from the very first moment
i saw him
barefoot and innocent

*In response to Chaos.