Glimmer (041819)

You give me a glimmer of hope

And I do not believe

It is false hope

Your hands linger when they shouldn’t

Where they shouldn’t

If you’re a little drunk

You’re more honest than you intend

You said you believe in me

I believe you – you were drunk

I thought about hugging you

And you hugged me

As if you knew I was thinking it

We speak without saying words at all

Your eyebrows-

And I close my eyes

And you’re right – I know

You tell me everything

When anyone looking in

Would’ve thought you were silent

a writer’s reference, the liberal version

and blotts
and how youre jack sparrow
and johnny depp
you with the crazy hands
asking why is all the rum gone
before youd ever even tasted
a drop of the stuff
and sailor jerry
and that brings me back to the sparrow
and how i long to see
you with your clothes off
the new tattoo on your chest
that you covered up
first one you haven’t let me see
i wonder what else you hide
like if you have to stop yourself
from sending me a text when youre drunk
on a wednesday night and shes asleep
i dont want to be your lips of an angel
but id say yes in a heartbeat
if you were truly single
and this has gone in a million directions
i hesitate when my thoughts get dirty
tell me something true
but your secrets you can keep
if youd only say my name
we could spend every day of our lives
not ever saying another word
if you could put your hands
in the middle of this hourglass
and leave them there always
im yours
ill do anything you ask
lead and ill follow

*In response to Flourish.