Still Time/122916

Eight months more
of this borrowed time.
Need to learn to
treat each day
as precious as it really is.
As New Year’s Eve approaches,
I remember your year
started September 1st
and I joined a little late,
but not too late.
You’ve given yourself this time
to find yourself,
but also you’ve given me time
to know you again.
And what if,
what if by some accident,
we’ve got time to know us?
We began in September
forever ago,
what if we began again
next September?
Then again,
did we ever really

This Journey/081116

but I haven’t fished
in years.
And these years keep
going by.
I used to miss them,
used to think them wasted.
Now I look back
and there are gaps,
but there is great too.
Moments that couldn’t
have been better.
One moment at a time.
I count them all,
but I don’t count any
as lost.