Shelfie and Reads #1 – January 2019

So I used to post book reviews on here a couple years back, but I decided that I did not love doing book reviews so I stopped. I do however like taking pictures of books all lined up in a pretty little row, AKA the shelfie. I think at the beginning of each month I’m going to share a photo of what my to-be-read bookshelf looked like at the beginning of the previous month, along with cover shots of any books I finished that month or at least made serious headway in. I might write a little about the books or I might not, but I will definitely be posting at least one traditional book review on my blog in the next few months because I just won an advanced reader copy of a book that I am so excited about, which will hopefully translate into being excited about writing the review for it once I’ve read it. Stay tuned for more bookish delightfulness.


thru my lense: A Pop of Color


this one used to be my favorite
but i don’t think it is anymore
maybe purple is now

and the clutter in the background,
it’s always been there-
threatening my life

during the last two years
i’ve been removing it bit by bit,
but a lot isn’t mine to discard

and this thread, i used it
to mend a skirt and add a heart
and to stitch the tears in shoes


fifty years before i was born…

IMG_20160704_205617-1.jpg…a husband gave a wife a book of poems.

I love when books have inscriptions, it leaves a tangible piece of someone’s life with the book (even 3/4 of a century after), adds a piece to a story. This inscription is what I found when I opened up a beat-up old book with “A New Anthology of Modern Poetry” printed on the spine, it’s weathered red and water-damaged on the outside, but the pages promise beauty and wonder enough to fill a thousand souls and more. I’ve only read thru the introduction and the first two or three poems. “poetry often communicates when one does not understand it, and even when written in a language which one knows very imperfectly.” I like that.



two days’ manual labor…


And I’ve still got a ton of work to do. But it’s a start and it’s way better than the haphazard stacks of books that were scattered all over the room. I used to think that owning interesting books would make me an interesting person, it hasn’t really. I used to think reading interesting books would make me an interesting person, it has to some degree, but not as much as I thought it would. But I’ve discovered during the past 2+ years that I am intensely interesting to some and intensely boring to others. I find myself fascinating, so I guess that’s what really counts. Think I’ll get another set of shelves to stack on these because I’ve still got some books that won’t be able to call this set home, maybe invert the colors for the top set.