Reflecting on My Metaphor

i am a typewriter and someone else is pressing the keys

i am a match that won’t light

i am yarn, frayed and unraveling

i am glue that never dries

i am words written backwards

i am a stone that can’t skip

i am lukewarm coffee

i am a pen out of ink

i am an empty spool of thread

i am a threadbare sweater

i am a left sock without a right

i am a flower, always wilting

i am written in an unspoken language

i am all consonants and no vowels

i am a broken vase, not yet mended with gold

i am a butterfly with broken wings

i am an owl without voice

i am loaded scales with no counter weights

26 Things I’ve Learned About (My) Life So Far (Everyday Inspiration, Day 2)

  1. It’s okay to be sad.
  2. I will struggle with depression for my entire life, and
  3. that is okay.
  4. Falling in love isn’t a bad thing in and of it’s self.
  5. It’s okay to have crushes.
  6. It’s okay to feel “too” much and
  7. it’s okay to be sensitive, but
  8. it is not okay to treat other people like crap.
  9. When I’m myself people actually like me.
  10. I am beautiful on the outside.
  11. People enjoy my written voice and
  12. people enjoy my spoken voice too.
  13. I am capable of more than I ever thought.
  14. Hard work with a purpose is great for my soul.
  15. Sunshine encourages me to bloom.
  16. Collecting other people’s secrets doesn’t mean those people are my friends.
  17. My children aren’t messed up, so far.
  18. R didn’t leave because he didn’t love me;
  19. he left because he truly does love me.
  20. Unconditional love does not mean staying with the person for life.
  21. I would be missed by at least one person and
  22. one is more than enough.
  23. My actions cause ripples that go so far beyond my control and
  24. that is reason enough to be more mindful of my actions.
  25. I forget all of these things on a bad day, but I need to remember them.
  26. I need to remember to LOVE.