Frantic (041918)

My heart beats faster

Than it should

As i lay next to you

And i notice a change in your breath

It’s ’cause we both know we want more

Than just laying next to each other

And we know we’ll give in

To a certain point

Suddenly your lips are nearly touching

My lips

And you make no move to move away

And i ask you if you wish you could kiss me

You take a few nervous breaths

Before you answer-

Yes and more (i’m paraphrasing)

And then we let everything happen

Except the kiss

And everything else you said

Your Hands

I remember when you put your hands
all over me and we almost got kicked out.

Do you remember when you put your hands
on my waist while you leaned against the 4Runner?

Or remember when you put your hands
everywhere for the first time and we made love?

Please remember when you put your hands
in mine because you loved me.

Know you can put your hands
anywhere you like and I won’t pull away.

*Note: I’m not feeling this one either, it just doesn’t flow right, but I am determined to push through this intro to poetry thing. I’m honestly a little burnt out on writing and on my blog in general. I think I might take a break soon, to kind of refocus myself on what’s important and let what’s not fall by the wayside.