sometimes other people’s words fit better than my own

no poem from me at the moment, but a few lines from my current favorite song:

i miss you like the summer, right now i think i need you here, but i don’t really need you, i’ll get through the winter without you

the song is called Summer and the band is called Real Friends. sitting here wishing i could see them live, hoping the stars align and a few “pretty pleases” will get me there.


thru my lense: Bliss


Poems, beats, caffeine.

mid-morning, midday, or midnight
a warm hug of words
a fire lit in my heart
smooth liquid to fill my belly

my belly that still squishes a little
two babies and not enough sit-ups
too busy cleaning up spit-up
but i like it like that, soft

a book full of words
written by old dead guys
probably a few chicks too
mostly words i’ve never heard

songs i can’t help but sing
dancing on the couch
in the middle of the night
while everyone else sleeps

to be your hero

i dont know how
it became our song
but it did
i wish i could remember

you were sitting one day
on the grass with guitar
in hand and voice soft
was it that song that day

same band different song
different day when you promised
youd keep me safe
never meant to break it

my song now
could easily become ours
but i still love
the first for us

wish i could write
the words here
and have them mean
as much to you as to me

im ready
when youre ready for me
alone i could barely light a match
but together we can burn this place down


*In response to Music.
**Note: The last four lines of the poem are not my own, so I want to give credit where credit is due. “im ready when youre ready for me” is a line from Yours to Hold by Skillet and “alone i could barely light a match but together we can burn this place down” is from Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die by Four Year Strong.


Just got a thumbs up and a smile
from a stranger in a car.
Singing at the bus stop again,
maybe he’s seen me before.

I’ve become a fixture
on this street on this day.
I can make them smile
as they drive on in their routine.

So many people with their windows up.
I wonder if they hear me
thru the glass and tint.
Most don’t even look my way.

Some have problems too big,
lives too important,
to notice a crazy girl
singing her heart out waiting on a bus.