Once or Twice

If everything could just go right
for an hour or two,
it would be Friday night
and you’d say hi instead of hey.
You’d show up early
and say we need to talk.
It’d be just warm enough
to walk a few blocks.
You wouldn’t apologize,
wouldn’t say leaving was a mistake.
You’d boldly tell me you have no regrets,
but still you miss me.
I’d tell you I love you
as our hands collide.
Accidentally on purpose.
You’d lace your fingers into mine,
close the distance between us
before I can breathe twice.
But you wouldn’t kiss my lips,
you’d trace them with your thumb.
“I love you” you’d say.
We’d stand like this
while the world continues on without us.
We’d both forget to blink
as everything we’ve never said
passes between us in the silence.
Our souls would admit
what our minds too often denied.
And if nothing made sense after that,
I’d still walk away happy.


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