i wanted to hug you

yesterday i asked
“did i do something wrong?”
late last night you answered
“you did nothing wrong
i’m just going through it
i just need some time to myself”

you let me know you’re guarded
but you’re not totally closed
and then it hit me
you don’t want me
to be your rebound

i went to the market
to buy noodles for dinner
i ran into you
almost literally
you looked sadder than i’ve seen

you asked how i was
i told you i was great
and asked how you were
you said you were okay
“but you know”
i know

we talked
just for a minute
and as i walked away
i threw the ball in your court
“just let me know
when you’re okay
for me to be around”

i won’t close my heart
your soul is too great
your eyes too beautiful
to deny myself the chance
of you as a best friend

and so
here i stand

*In response to Open.


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